We are a group of Engineers in Technology specialized in Low Voltage, IT and Electronic Security solutions. We also are professionals in Customer Service and Support. We generate tools from conceptualization to execution and after sales service to the customer to optimize customized solutions, covering the entire covering the entire proyect life cycle.

We are actually covering the Carolinas, Georgia and Florida.


We have more than 25 years of experience in the industry combined

  • Registered in the State Of Florida

  • Updated with the norms and codes for Low Voltage

  • Exempt from Florida Workers compensation Construction Industry Exemption

  • Liability

We have experience with the main brands to guarantee our service


Semon, Next, Mimosa, Pelco, Axxix, Acti, Bosch, Rosslare, Hid, Grandstream, Suprema, Linkedpro, Federal Apd, Park Assist, Keytop Usa, Magnetic Autocontrol, Parkingboxx, Zeag, Datapark, Faacz